Kate Braid

Journeywoman: Reader Reviews

I Can’t Wait to Finish It so I Can Read it Again

I had to put my copy of Journeywoman down to send you this email. I’ve been marking my tools for years with a dab of bright red nail polish. It just tore my head off to read that you had done the same! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m enjoying your book. So much so, that I can’t wait to finish it so I can read it again.

female carpenter

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Thanks for Helping Make it Happen

Thank you for writing Journeywoman and specifically for encouraging women to work in traditionally men’s work. It’s important that this be encouraged not only for the women, but for the men too. It humanizes the workplace when there are non-men present. Thanks for helping make it happen more.


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Immersion into What it is to Work in the Trades as a Woman

I picked up Journeywoman and pretty much sat down till I got to the last page. It cracked me up – like when you changed your outfit twice before your first day of work – and made me weep and kept me riveted… The personal story, the ‘70s flashbacks, the harrowing saga of gender, the union history, the immersion into what it is to work in the trades as a woman, but also for any non-trades reader, a virtual, 3-D tour of what the work entails… Loved it all. Bravo!

female family therapist

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The Whole Book is Now Full of Check Marks!!

I couldn’t put it down. I too worked in non-traditional jobs in the 1980s in Toronto. I was a single mother and being paid “men’s wages” enabled me to buy a decent home where I could raise my sons… While reading your book I started to put check marks beside the sentences and paragraphs that were similar to my own experiences and the whole book is now full of check marks!!

female stationary engineer, labourer, truck driver, electrical technologist, union executive

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I Now Have a Much Fuller Appreciation…

You’ve heard about books that are difficult to put down – well, your new book is one of them. Reading the darn thing compulsively, as I did, got in the way of ever so many other important activities. Today I was driving behind a flatbed truck loaded with trusses. I now have a much fuller appreciation of the knowledge and skill that go into building one of these on the job.

writer, university creative writing instructor

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