Kate Braid

Journeywoman: Reader Reviews

I Loved All the Union and Gender Politics

What a wonderful book, powerful and beautifully written. It resonated for me in many ways, from the first A-Frame to camp life (logging and treeplanting for me), to my stints as a labourer/carpenter/builder. I loved all the union and gender politics.

male blue collar worker, now lawyer

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I Am Proud Of You

My dear, I just finished your memoir and must say how impressed I am with how you handled some of those fellows. I am proud of you and I think the book tells a great story of courage and fortitude as well as forgiveness.

Mary Elizabeth Braid, Kate’s 88-year-old mother

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Such a Fascinating Slice of Life

I finished Journeywoman last night and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. Such a fascinating slice of a rich life, such great stories told so well; a real page-turner. I wouldn’t have lasted a week in some of your situations. What a she-woman! What a tender heart.

male singer, musician, composer, choir director

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