Kate Braid

Journeywoman: Reader Reviews

This Book Is Marvellous

This book is marvellous. It is such a dance to hang on to yourself in the midst of the hero-heroine’s journey, especially when you are receiving multiple messages that whoever you are doesn’t belong here. I particularly liked her self-soothing and positive self-talk. Because you love something doesn’t make it easy to learn; perhaps harder because you care so much?

I found so many reminders of my own time growing up as a strong and feisty young feminist woman. I was mesmerized by your stories, the challenges you had to deal with and your strong spirit. Many thanks for the gift of this book.

I’m going to work on my pecs!

female legal librarian

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You Have Not Only Told Your Story But Many Women’s Stories

I am a woman who has worked in “non-traditional fields” for over 20 years. Kate… has given a voice to the thoughts and feelings I have experienced over the years often being the only woman on the job. Her ability to tell her story with humor, and a no-frills, get-to-the-heart-of-the-story style, is refreshing. Thank you Kate. You have not only told your story but many women’s stories.

Tyee, reader review

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This is a Great Book

This is a courageous book. A lot of what you have described [of the social era of the ‘70s and ‘80s] had its effects on my wife and I but somehow you have taken that experience and made it simultaneously your inner personal life and the universal public life we all shared. This is a great book.

University English professor

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The Power of This Story Frankly Knocks My Socks Off

Don’t underestimate this book; it is much more than an exploration of “women’s non-traditional work.” It is a chance to begin to reflect on the profound scars that gender training leaves on every one of us. I have worked as a welder … in heavy industry since I was 17. The power of this story frankly knocks my socks off.


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Morning Comes Quick When You Can’t Put a Book down

Your carpentry poetry book was a reflection of my feelings. You were able to explain the aloneness and the pride of being a “carpentress.” You gave me solace that through sinew and sawdust, the brilliance of building was an addiction not lost to all women. I am in the middle of devouring Journeywoman. Thank you for the honesty. Morning comes quick when you can’t put a book down.

female carpenter

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