Kate Braid

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The Fish Come in Dancing: Stories from the West-Coast Fishery

A collection of interviews of eight of British Columbia’s fishermen – including one fisherwoman – who in 2002 still worked in the rapidly disappearing fishing industry off British Columbia’s west coast.

”Meanwhile on the beach, the beach man had tied the net to a tree. I guess it was a good two-foot around. Just at the right time, the tide changed. Old Frankie says, ‘Now you’re gonna catch some fish.’ We’re straining against the tide when all of a sudden the tree the net’s tied to comes out of the ground. It flies up in the air and comes right down on top of the skiff. Now, there’s a fifty-foot tree across the skiff and it’s being towed away from shore. Both the skiff man and beach man are standing on the beach, helpless.

The skipper is embarrassed. Everybody’s laughing. All the seiners were blowing their horns. It looked like an absolute mess, our first set of the year.”

Dave Cochrane, interviewed by Robert Boyd