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Poetry Writing Workshop, Denman Island, July 14, 2011

Date: Thursday July 14, 2011
Time: 2:30 – 5:30
Event: Writing Workshops “Trans/forming: Playing with Poetry ”
Denman Island Readers and Writers’ Festival
Even those used to writing only prose may find that playing with words within strict guidelines can work magic on mundane language. Traditional poetry forms such as the sonnet, glosa and pantoum give guidelines within which poets have utter freedom. Formal poetry also throws an emphasis on sound that has the potential to change how you hear. This brief workshop will include a short talk on “What is form?” (including free verse); some hands-on exercises on writing formal poetry and a bit of work with rhyme and rhythm.
Location: address tba
Denman Island, BC
This festival also features: Gurjinder Basran, Daphne Bramham, Anne Cameron, Wayde Compton, Bernice Friesen, George Fetherling, Paul Headrick, Evelyn Lau, Andrew Nikiforuk
For Details: see www.denmanislandwritersfestival.com