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Rough Ground Revisited

Rough Ground Revisited

On the Roof with Death

When sawdust rolls like marbles under our boots
on the newly sheathed roof three storeys up

we talk of falling. It’s like butter boxes, Dale says.
We could slide real good.  Only hurts when you land!

He yells this suddenly
as if to warn the neighbours.

Dale is a journeyman.
I am his apprentice.

You know the people who live for the moment, he says,
laughing.  They yell “Whee!” all the way down.

Book Details

Book Title:  Rough Ground Revisited

Book Type:  Poetry

Published:  Halfmoon Bay, BC, Caitlin Press, 2015

ISBN:  13: 978-1927575932

In Print?:  Yes

Available From:  Your local independent or on-line book dealer or through the publisher, www.caitlin-press.com .

Description:  This is a revised and expanded version of Kate's first book of construction poems, Covering Rough Ground, that was published by Polestar in 1991 and that has been out of print for some time. It includes several of the poems from the earlier book, plus many new ones, previously unpublished. They explore the ups and downs (literal and metaphoric) of being one of the first women in the construction trades in Canada.