Kate Braid

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Covering Rough Ground

These Hips

Some hips are made for bearing
children, built like stools
square and easy, right
for the passage of birth.

Others are built like mine.
A child’s head might never pass
but load me up with two-by-fours
and watch me

When the men carry sacks of concrete
they hold them high, like boys.
I bear mine low, like a girl
on small, strong hips
built for the birth
of buildings.

Book Details

Book Title:  Covering Rough Ground

Book Type:  Poetry

Published:  Vancouver: Polestar, 1991. Now Caitlin Press.

ISBN:  New ISBN: 978-1-927575-49-9

In Print?:  Yes. Price: $16.95

Available From:  Your local retail or on-line bookseller, or from Caitlin Press (www.caitlin-press.com)

Description:  Poems about Kate’s early experience in construction. Winner of the Pat Lowther Award for Best Book of Poetry by a Canadian Woman.


“The ground may be rough for a woman carpenter on a male construction site but Kate covers it with a zest for being, an eye for detail, an infallible sense of humour, and, yes, a vision grounded in a woman’s place of power. This is important testimony pushing the limits of what it means to be a woman in a man’s world.”
- Daphne Marlatt

“She writes with the authority of a good craftsperson, dovetailing thought and feeling and driving her point home with economy and skill.”
- Canadian Literature

“read this book again for the thrill of learning from [it] and for the joy of seeing language put to good use.”
- Antigonish Review