Kate Braid

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Turning Left to the Ladies


I parachute into man’s country,
hoist my beer in the bar as if native.

Cool, I talk shop, stand as they stand,
not quite sure
of the cocky swing of hips,
lift of the glass in a loud bass,
confidence laughing.

This is the world of the knowing.
It’s only a small slip into a minor key
when I turn left to go to the Ladies.

Book Details

Book Title:  Turning Left to the Ladies

Book Type:  Poetry

Published:  Kingsville, Ontario: Palimpsest Press 2009

ISBN:  13-9780978491703

In Print?:  Yes

Available From:  Your local independent or on-line book dealer or the publisher, Palimpsest Press

Description:  More poems about Kate’s experiences during fifteen years in construction.


“Always clear and accessible, Braid’s poetry is rich with vivid descriptive details, mini-narratives, character, and truths of everyday experience, making Turning Left to the Ladies a compelling collection for women or men whether they are blue-collar or white-collar, as well as for the poetry-averse and the poetry fan alike.”
- Our Times

“This is mature, reflective, investigative writing that ventures far beyond self-glorification.”
- BC Bookworld

“Well-chosen words sum up the trades.”
- Tradetalk: The Magazine of the B.C. and Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council

I teach safety to MEN in the workplace. Rarely there is a woman in any of the construction safety training classes that I teach. Most of the guys want to be able to accept women as equals in the manly world of construction, but there are so may obstacles in their way...peer pressure, their own feelings, past experiences, etc.... This book gives me confidence that a woman can be a part of the work force, keep her femininity, humor, and good will. Thanks for a great book! I appreciated your style and delivery. Keep it up!
- 5 out of 5 stars Thanks for a refreshing look at women in a man's world! Sep 12 2010 By P. L. Redd - published on Amazon.ca

This is a poetry, but it's more like a daily as many poems are reflecting what happen to the writer. After reading the book I have tasted woman's goodliness.
- 4 out of 5 stars A good book for ladies Aug 13 2009 By Vicky Luo - published on Amazon.ca